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Shell Merger / Byakko #1
Mar 12, 10 12:00 AM
March 8th sky
Mar 8, 10 11:23 PM
new look
Mar 5, 10 1:35 PM
March 4th Sky
Mar 5, 10 9:13 AM
sky tonight.
Mar 4, 10 4:44 PM
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Welcome to Empyreal!

This is a new sky linkshell for the Ramuh server. We are just starting out and I'm just setting up this page so it'll take me some time to really get this page in working order. If you have a 70+ job and sky access, please feel free to sign up on this page or contact Krizz, Malyan or Godness for more information. We will be going to sky on Mon, Tues and Thurs at 6pm central time.

Hope you enjoy your time with us.

Shell Merger / Byakko #1

TehKrizz, Mar 12, 10 12:00 AM.
First off, congrats to Maly on his Byakko Haidate. We're off to a great start on drops.

In other news, we have merged with Xconvict. We will work to complete our pop sets so that we can do them. All drops are going to our shell.

March 8th sky

OoEmpyrealoO, Mar 8, 10 11:23 PM.
Good job on sky tonight guys and Iza. lol.  If you got any friends or know anyone that's looking for a sky shell, please recruit them. We really need some blm's and a back-up tank. I wanna use these god pops we got soon. ^-^  See you tomorrow. Gness

new look

OoEmpyrealoO, Mar 5, 10 1:35 PM.
New look to the site.
Good job everyone on sky last night. For there only to be 6 of us, we did an amazing job. ^-^
We need to start trying to recruit more people. Hopefully we'll get some more people soon so we can use the Byaako pops.

Have a great weekend  ya'll.

March 4th Sky

TehKrizz, Mar 5, 10 9:13 AM.
Great job last night in sky. I'm still surprised that we took down Despot like we did (unprepared) and got back to back diorite drops.

Gem of the West

sky tonight.

OoEmpyrealoO, Mar 4, 10 4:44 PM.
Mal and I are back. We will be at sky tonight. Gather together at 5:30pm and we'll start killing stuff about 6pm.
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